5 formulas to conquer Sic Bo online

1.High-low bet formula This formula is the base area basic formula that sages often use. Because it’s easy to understand but has amazing results. The method is to observe the exit of the dice well, how often during that period it is low or how often it is high. This formula is a unique technique that must be read carefully. If that happens to be well understood It may be rich without knowing each other.



2.Formula to bet Tod. This formula is similar to the first one. It is to focus on and observe carefully. For example, try 4-5 eyes first to see which way Hi-Lo likes to go out. Enough to be confident to a certain extent You can place bets as you like. This method may be difficult. But if you catch the right point, it’s definitely not a poor ability.


3.Formula 2 pairs of Toad, similar to number 2, but let us choose from one pair to two pairs. In order to guarantee that, however, it must be a certain pair. We may be willing to lose some capital. But the profit gained is more positive and negative. Organized into a formula that is easy to do.


4.Teng Teng formula is the formula that has the best results and the winning percentage is very high. Because choose to focus on only one channel The method is to wait and see to make sure which numbers come out the most and most often. When you are confident, you can place your bets. There may be a low payout rate. But exchange it with a certainty that it’s definitely worth it.


5.Formula for compounding 4 pieces of money. First of all, this formula requires a certain amount of capital By dividing the money into 4 pieces, such as 10, 20, 30, 40, the first eye to choose to bet 10, when it is correct, skip to 30, when it is correct, change to bet 20 and 40, but if losing 10 pieces, the next turn must be compounded Bet 30 immediately. Doing this, we only have profits throughout the game. But it must be known to observe the situation as well.

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