Collect all the terms you should know in the online casino gaming industry.

online casino is the source of a wide variety of gambling games There are more than 100 games to choose from, as well as popular games such as online slots, online baccarat, or online roulette. do not miss to be available However, among each game There are often many English words and many people still don’t know what each means. The decision to play

will not be as effective as it should be. This article will tell you about the vocabulary that should be known for each type of game thoroughly.

Terminology that you should know in the online casino game industry

  • Baccarat online terminology

Banker refers to the dealer,


Banker Pair refers to the dealer pairs the cards,


Dealer refers to the person who dealt cards,


Dragon refers to the same betting results that are repeated in a row,


Big means to predict. As a result, more cards will be drawn.


Commission means the fee is the commission that the casino charges.


Hit means more cards are drawn.


Face card means JQ or K


Monkey means cards that do not have points, i.e. 10 JQK


Natural means. To Pok Eight or Pok Nine


Pair means the first two cards have the same face.


Perfect Pair means predicting that the first two cards will be a pair.


Ping Pong means the result of losing or winning both sides. Alternately,


Tie means draw results,


Stand means stay. No need to draw more cards


  • The term

Croupier in roulette refers to the person in charge of winning and losing.


Corner Bet refers to bets on four consecutive numbers,


Column Bet refers to numbers in the same column.


Dozen Bet number. To Zone


Bet, High Bet means Bet on High, Between 19-36


Low Bet means Bet on Low Points 1-18


Black Bet means Bet on Black Numbers


Red Bet means Bet on Red Numbers.


  • The term POKER

H refers to the highest-rated A’s in poker.


Add-on means to buy more chips.


Big stack means the player has the most amount of chips.


Call means bet. to fight with the other


The draw means to wait for cards


Flush Draw means is that the cards are the same color, then wait for the cards of the same color to mount flush


fold mean squat


Nut means that the hands are the best in the bud. that


The pot represents all the chips in the middle of the table


Position refers to the position of playing


The pocket card represents the pair in


Sit out referring to those in the table, but did not play


Sit and go means losing the race. There must be people playing all seats.


Turn means to show the 4th card.


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