Crack 92% and 75% of the roulette formulas.

This time, I’m confident. I would like to post. I want people who are interested to take it to test it. I studied from a foreign e-book and youtube to invent techniques and methods used in roulette and test at least 1000 times, it appears that this works the most.

Starting, we will place bets on the 2nd 12th vertical slot, bet 1 pays 2, waiting for Let the 2nd box not come out 4 times in a row and place a bet on the 2nd 12 immediately, but the bet amount will be randomly placed. No, shouldn’t roll up the bet. As in this example (baht)

bet1 – 10 baht bet2 – 20 bet3 – 20 bet4 – 30 bet5 – 40 bet6 – 60 bet7 – 90 if the first play is 10 baht and then loses play bet2 put 20 if started bet1 again if lost bet3 ,4,5,6,7 continually, if playing the 7th time and still not released on the 2nd channel, do not have to follow back and let go, start putting the 1st time again, normally will get in the 1st or 2nd time, but will not over 4

Should write down the history of playing in a book in order to know how much profit or loss you have made, you need to set a goal for how much is enough. stop how much Must go to rest first and then come to play again Minimum bet amount for the first time This formula should be appropriate for the capital, this is a low-cost

formula. Profit will be collected in small increments, such as 10 baht, capital 500, if profit increases 500, then move the minimum to 20. Roulette is a gambling that uses 40% luck, but uses a plan to play up to 60%. The casino will not be afraid that you have made a profit. how much But afraid that no one will play, so there is no

need to play every turn Get some profit and stop betting in all kinds of casinos, designed to give the dealer an advantage, each of us has
Order, plan and patience, we can win this game. Another recommendation to be interested in the roulette formula: high and low bet formula. Let’s play for fun. Or

apply it to each other. Play Casino. There is a minimum of 10 baht each. It’s very fun to spin. This formula is used to bet on dice like a hi-lo, low 6, low draw, draw 6, one shot, two 6 draws. Get half the profit, every formula has a chance to break it. The longer you stay, the more you have the right to be hit. Got it to hurry and use

the strategy to hit the head and escape into the house. Profit and then jump quickly Because the game of roulette as I calculated It is designed to give the host an advantage. The longer we stay, the more disadvantage we give it. This formula data, 49% chance, 32% chance, 19% chance of losing, house edge 2.70% American

roulette guys with two 0’s, don’t play at all. Because you have a disadvantage for the dealer to 5.26%, almost double the difference.

How to play 1. Wait for it to come out high (19-36) in a row, we call it a dragon. Or go back and forth that we call ping-pong. Wait for 3-4 turns. Finished stabbing according to the dragon pattern or ping-pong by placing the chip 1st – 1 unit and placing it high (19-36) – 2 units, stabbing it like in the picture (Click on the picture

to see an enlarged image. and have to log in to the system to see the picture) If the output is high, you will get 1 unit of profit, wait for the new formula and then continue

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