Get to know gourds, crabs, fish

Gourd, crab, fish is a 3 dice betting game that consists of different symbols. Representing the number of points in the dice clearly, such as fish (red) = 1 point, shrimp (green) = 2 points, gourd (blue) = 3 points, tiger (blue) = 4 points, crab (green) = 5. Points and chicken (red) = 6 points, then there is a board ready to place bets. Can choose to play in many ways and have

a fixed payout rate, such as playing high-low, playing favorite numbers, playing two numbers, playing favorites, playing double numbers, playing Tong and playing colors, etc.

Cheats for gourds, crabs, fish, does it really exist? 

When we get to know how to play the game of gourds, crabs, fish. Come to the queue of cheats. Gourds, crabs, fish that many people wonder if it is true or not. I must honestly say that it exists. But it’s not a cheat formula as many people understand. Because it is a technique that can be used to bet on gourds, crabs, fish without breaking the rules. Which is

prevalent in the gambler on the online casino website very much. It consists of a simple formula as follows:


  1. Color cheating formula

Because in the game gourds, crabs, fish are divided into colors such as fish and chicken = red, shrimp and crab = green and gourd and tiger = blue. Start to choose to play 2 colors in the same amount. for example Play red and blue for 100 baht each. In the event that only one color is issued The player is considered to have received a return of 100 baht as a

capital, but if the win can be up to 3 times, it is 300 baht, with a chance of winning at 23%, which is considered a lot.


  1. Stepdaughter Formula

For this recipe is easy to use, not complicated. Players just choose to play the same way, for example, when the last 3 rounds the dice come out as 2 fish in a row, seeing this, the gambler chooses to play fish in the next round as well. The more in the event that a table is found to have the same prizes drawn repeatedly, the more you should use the formula for playing the ball.


  1. Double play formula

When a player loses a bet or does not find any color In the next round, it is recommended to increase the next bet according to the formula n + 1. For example: Players bet 200 baht, when playing wrong, increase the bet to 400 baht. If playing wrong again, increase the bet to 600 baht. But when playing correctly, return to start betting with the first money


4.How to cheat gourds, crabs, fish By using the formula Martin Gel.

Cheating using martingale formula or compound betting formula Using such a formula is not complicated at all. The gambler must place bets with the same amount of money in every game. If any game loses the bet In the next game, the gambler will roll up his bet until he wins. and when winning bets to return to bet with the initial money for example Place a

bet of 10 baht per game. If you lose a bet, place a bet of 20 baht if you still lose another bet. To place a compound bet to 40 baht, if the bet wins, the bet will be paid 40 baht. After deducting the first 2 losing bets of 30 baht, it will be seen that there are still 10 baht left. Then the gambler returns to place a bet with 10 baht. same The higher the bet, the higher the profit.

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