Lyle Stuart’s Baccarat Strategy

Many times I have played baccarat. online baccarat I always have a question: How should I manage my gambling money? to be the most profitable Since then, I’ve been studying how the masters manage it. Until I read a book of LYLE STUART. Many people wonder who LYLE STUART is? LYLE STUART has won a world-class baccarat championship and many other prizes. hara which will be discussed in the next section

From the principle of probability that I mentioned earlier in the analysis of baccarat. It can be seen that the chances of Banker or Player winning are almost 50:50, so the chances that the bets will win all the time. Impossible So what should I do? I recommend one of Lyle Stuart’s gambling money management methods

Look for a table that has a chance. Or maybe wait for a table to start over.
Example : Start betting from 100 baht.
Assuming you win, you will get 100 baht. Total 200 baht.
Save 100 baht. Divide the money that you get into two piles. You will get 50 baht per pile.

Place your next bet at 50 baht. This time, even if we will lose the bet (According to the probability that Banker or Player will win 50 : 50), but we still win the bet anyway (profit 50 baht),

but if the second time wins, there will be a total of 250 profits from winning the second time. 2 25 baht and divided into 2 piles, where the 1st pile is more than the 2nd pile may be 125 : 100 Take a small pile of money to bet first Because even if we lose, we still win.

Some people ask, why not keep betting more and more? In which Lyle Stuart has the advantage of this ever-increasing gambling like a rainbow with a beginning and an end. Which playing like this is considered very risky. No matter how beautiful the beginning is But in the end, it ends up losing like the way down the rainbow.

PS. Although it’s a simple principle that many people overlook. But I think it’s very useful.

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